Wedding koozies

June 3, 2011

one of the easiest way to design a koozie is online and is making is easier to design koozies than ever! I recently designed some koozies after watching that video… so easy =)


All about koozies

May 12, 2008

can coolers which are easily available through out the world. The koozies are used for used for various kinds of purposes like there are collapsible koozies, foam koozies and various other kinds of koozies. They are available in a huge variety of color options and various sizes also. They are an ideal solution for the people who want to retain the coolness of their drinks and generally have it after a prolonged period. They are perfect to carry around due to their convenient sizes and also because of the perfect ways in which they are packaged. koozies are available every where now and the summer seasons are the time when most people are seen carrying them to beat the heat. Most of the koozies that are available in the market are safe for use in the washing machine also.